Suzanne Clover Art

Mixed-Media Paintings and Handmade Cards

Craft Fair

SueSuzanne (Sue) lives in Juneau, Alaska and creates handmade cards and multi-media acrylic abstract paintings.

Sue loves the interplay between color, texture, and reflected light and also the depth and history created by layers of acrylic mediums and paint. She especially enjoys trying new techniques and using unusual materials while asking "What if?"

Sue's layered collages often have combinations of unusual materials including used dryer sheets, tyvek chip wrappers, and hand painted and stenciled deli sheets. Her many layered paintings can have 8-12 or more layers of paint and acrylic mediums taking days to create, as each layer needs to dry before the next layer is added.

In her current multi-layered paintings she is enjoying the results of using an extremely clear medium between and over paint layers giving an incredible shine and depth.

Sue's biological sciences background and her love of birds, sea life, and plants often influences the textures, colors, and images included in her work although recent trips to visit daughters in the Southwest has added new influences.

Cards and Art for Sale

The Juneau Arts and Cultural Center (JACC) in downtown Juneau has a selection of Sue's cards and paintings for sale. The Discovery Gift Shop at Mendenhall Glacier carries her Salmon cards and Kindred Post in downtown Juneau has a selection of Alaskan themed cards.

Sue usually participates in a few local craft fairs at Juneau malls in the fall.


Sue Clover